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Meet Musiq Soulchild’s Alter-Ego Purple Wondaluv

pUrPlE-wOnDaLuV-The-Eternal-Peace-EP-300x300Musiq Soulchild was one of the biggest faces in the neo-soul movement of the early-2000s. His soaring falsetto and straight to the heart compositions on tracks like “Love” and “Don’t Change” defined soul music for the era. And now that the sound of music has changed, Musiq has adopted alter egos to adapt.

Now releasing music independently under his own Soul Star Music Company, Soulchild is using alter-egos as a means for serving different musical stylings. The first was The Husel, a rapper, with the release of a self-titled, auto-tune heavy mixtapelast year. His newest persona Purple Wondaluv is a singer that is all about faith, courage, and growth. If you don’t fall in love with Purple Wondaluv, no worries; the singer is already in the studio working on a new Musiq Soulchild album. However, his new release The Eternal Peace EP, an uncharacteristically inspirational opus and triumph of instrumentation, is something you should definitely open your ears for.

The seven track set fully explores the “peace and love” side of Soulchild. The opener “Time Is Now” could fit squarely on a Sade album. It has that feel, from the melancholy electric guitar to a simple drum beat. This provides a blank canvas for Musiq to paint an intricate picture, punctuated with stacked melodies and airy falsetto. And then the chorus flips things a bit, taking a more Bob Marley reggae inspired turn.

pwondacov-02The progressive “Faith Your Fears” is a collision of upbeat and midtempo elements that, once again, showcases his falsetto. The encouraging song emphatically claims that “whatever you are scared of is just an illusion” and if you “faith your fears you can make it all go away.”

Other standouts include “You Can Change,” a jazzy empowerment song set against piano and guitar that boasts a Stevie Wonder inspired chorus, and “Live Your Love,” a musical play on the “Girl From Ipanema” where Musiq infuses s bit of soul in to the Spanish guitar led standard.

Across the board, you’ll find worldly instrumentation, stimulating and honest lyrics, and a focused effort to blend the vocal and instrumental elements. This is most evident on “Words Are Free,” where the track’s mastering makes Musiq’s voice take a backseat to the music. His voice is relegated to a hollow echo, perfect for a fully immersive audio experience.

The EP is an intersection of many things, almost bohemian, almost soul, and almost worldly. But above all else, it is a fount of inspiration, aspiration, and encouragement.

Stream the album below on Spotify and purchase here: pUrPlE wOnDaLuV – The Eternal Peace EP

Musiq Soulchild Explains His Rap Alter Ego The Husel

The hitmaker revealed his rap alter ego, The Husel, in July during a NYC live performance. Last week, Aug. 11, he shared with Madame Noir that the choice to reinvent his music was the result of music listeners clamoring for hip-hop driven sounds.

He continued to share that R&B is “struggling right now” and popular taste has shifted toward hip-hop. “I like to entertain people according to what they’re saying entertains them. As an artist, musician, songwriter and producer, I sit back and hear it, and… if that’s what ya’ll like, I can do that.”

But why not stick with the name Musiq Soulchild? The Husel compared his decision to switch names with running a business: “I didn’t want to compromise that other brand. If I’m running a business, and I’ve got one company that’s running, why try and force feed other elements that wasn’t intended to be a part of that company? Why not just start a whole new company?”


The singer-songwriter/rapper released his self-titled mixtape, The Husel, in July. Listen above.

Whether the mixtape, which is heavy on Auto-Tune, will generate a hit remains to be seen, but when asked, “What happens if the music or alter ego isn’t well received,” The Husel said, “The fact that people are talking about it, I won already.”